Mineral Exploration


White Cliffs, Taranaki

ScanTec provides the following geophysical techniques for mineral exploration projects;

  • Ground and marine magnetic survey
  • Gravity surveys
  • Marine sub-bottom profiler
  • EM-34
  • Resistivity and induced polarization IP surveys
  • Shallow seismic reflection
  • Well logging (borehole geophysical surveys)

Marine Magnetic Survey Data.

Marine Magnetic Survey Data.

Low frequency (35MHz) GPR Data.

Low frequency (35MHz) GPR Data showing iron-sand stratigraphy.

3D GPR Block.

3D GPR Block showing sandstone paleosurface beneath 20m of alluvial sediments, and fault planes.

3D representation of sandstone paleosurface.

3D representation of sandstone paleosurface generated from the 3D GPR Dataset.