Polar and Glacial Geophysics

GPR survey,Evans Piedmont Glacier, North Victoria Land, Antarctica 2003

GPR survey over sastrugi, Evans Piedmont Glacier, North Victoria Land, Antarctica 2003


35MHz GPR system, Gawn Ice Piedmont, Antarctica, 2005 (NZ ITASE)

hagglunds crevasse

High frequency GPR scanning behind Hagglunds vehicle, McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica, 2005


35MHz GPR system towed behind Nansen Sledge, McMurdo Ice Shelf off Ross Island, Antarctica 2002


Airborne GPR measurements, Mt Cook Range, Southern Alps, NZ

ScanTechas been involved in numerous New Zealand and international research projects in alpine and polar regions. These have included;

  • Mapping of Antarctic ice thickness, bedrock topography and glacial structure as part of the ITASE project (NZ)
  • Crevasse detection, McMurdo ice shelf
  • Glacial lake research using sonar and GPR
  • Measurements of the thickness of temperate glacial ice and moraine
  • Airborne GPR (35MHz)
  • Gravitational measurements on glaciers

35MHz GPR Image

35MHz GPR Image showing bedrock topography and isochrones to 300m depth, Evans Piedmont Glacier, 2002. (NZ ITASE)

400MHz Crevasse Image

400MHz Crevasse Image.

400MHz GPR image

400MHz GPR Image, McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica.